How to Organize Power Tools at Home

Your power tools are probably one of the trickiest things to keep organized, just because of how clunky and oddly shaped some can be.

If you’re a neat freak and love to keep your home as neat as possible, it probably bothers you when something looks disorganized. Well, luckily, to every problem, there is a solution.

With your power tools, what you need to do is get creative. Sure they’re not the ideal shape for packing and storing, but it is still possible to keep your tools neat and easy to reach for when you need them.

Let’s learn how to organize power tools at home:

Power Tool Inventory

The first thing you need to do before any kind of home organization is doing an inventory. This will let you know precisely what you have and what items need organizing.

The inventory stage is also where you will cull the items you no longer want, use, or need. If you have any old or broken tools that are not working well anymore, toss them out. If you have tools or little bits and bobs that you’ve forgotten were even there, toss them out because the chances are you probably don’t need them.

Only keep what you need and what is essential. Your Milwaukee tools become much easier to organize when fewer items are to deal with.

Power Tool Categories

Once you’ve done your inventory, it’s time to sort out your power tools into categories. The items that you use most frequently should be the ones that are kept somewhere easily accessible. You don’t have to spend too much time rummaging about that way, especially when you need to grab those tools in a hurry.

Power Tool Chest

If you plan to store all your power tools in one large container that you call your tool chest, there is a way to keep this organized too. Get trays that will fit nicely into your tool chest because you will layer your tools on top to maximize space.

A large tool chest should fit about three layers of trays. You will now organize your tools within the tool chest based on the frequency of use. The least used tools can sit right at the bottom of the tool chest. That will be your first layer.

The second layer should be tools that get medium usage. You do reach for them once in a while, but not often enough for these tools to be considered regular use tools. This will be your second layer tray.

Finally, the top layer of the tray will be your most frequently used power tool. Right at the top, when you open your tool chest, should be everything you need to get little projects done around the home.

Power Tool Cabinet

If you prefer to have your tools displayed on the wall instead of sitting in a tool chest, a custom tool cabinet is another idea for organizing your power tools. Why a custom tool cabinet? Because a custom cabinet can be built specifically to sort and store the tools you need. A place for everything and everything in its place, if you will.

When building a custom power tool cabinet, a great tip is to use pegboards. These are great at helping you maximize space and hanging area capacity.

Do you have a cabinet in your workshed? If the sides of your cabinet are not pressed against the wall or your workbench, there’s an opportunity to organize your tools right here too. All you need is to attach a wood slab to the side of your cabinet, and voila! There’s an extra storage bench for the smaller power tools you have.

Power Tool Containers and Baskets

Baskets and containers are fantastic for the organization. Baskets are especially handy because they are so versatile and easy to customize. If running low on bench space, baskets can easily be attached to the wall using hooks. Your tools are still within easy reach but not cluttering up your workbench and limiting your space. It’s a great way to keep your power tools looking neat and organized.

Wall Strips

Wall strips are another ingenious solution to storing your power tools off the workbench. If you have a lot of vertical space above your workbench that will waste, why not make the most of it by displaying your power tools?

Vertical strips make storing power tools on the wall a quick and easy process. All you need are the vertical strips and some anchor hooks. Your power tools will be ready for display in no time at all. One benefit to storing your tools out in the open is that you never forget what you have. Tools stored away in a tool chest can easily be forgotten unless you’ve got a great memory.