8 Pros and Cons of Commission Based Sales Jobs

There will always be many jobs available for our general workforce. No matter what sector you find yourself in, the position of your dreams may be an application away. Some professionals may attempt to go the traditional route by pursuing a role like being a lawyer or doctor.

Business is another industry as broad as you’d think it will be. A good type of job to consider for employment is sales. That is because there will always be the opportunity to earn commission in some respect. You can learn more about commission-based jobs by reviewing their different advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the eight pros and cons of commission-based sales jobs:

Pro: Flexible Schedule

Many sales jobs require the professional to be in a physical workplace at some point. There needs to be some form of an onboarding process and providing initial guidance. A schedule will then be given out, which can be somewhat restrictive. You may realize that this need not be the case for commission-based sales.

You will initially discover that you should stay organized by remaining aligned with the provided schedule. Over time, you will notice that the schedule is much more flexible as long as the work is being done. This can greatly benefit those with other, timely commitments outside of work.

Pro: Income Potential

The commission earned on top of your usual sales salary is always a bonus. That is because there is virtually an unlimited potential to earn as much as possible.

Since a starting salary may not be enough, it always helps to have additional income for your bills. You control the outcome in this light. It never hurts to add a bit more money to your wallet. If you want more stability in your income, you can also use a commission advance to increase your income potential.

Pro: Independence At Work

The styles each of us have as professionals will vary from individual to individual. Everyone will have their personality traits, which translate differently within the workplace. This may be the perfect role for self-starters or who like working independently.

Those who enjoy working by themselves most of the time will fall in love with this type of sales position. Plus, you may even earn more commission than expected due to your effort. As long as you are not being micromanaged, you can expect to flourish in this role.

Pro: Controlling Income Potential

Of course, one of the biggest drawbacks of a commission-based sales job is income. Sometimes, the nature of the job may fluctuate, or they may have high expectations. Whatever the case may be, it is generally expected that you will only earn what you work for in some sales roles.

That may be a hard sell to some, as you may not have an even income throughout your week. Some folks may earn a lot of money through commission on one day, followed by a dull couple of days. It is important to recognize this, as it is common in many commission-based roles.

Con: High-Risk

As mentioned previously, getting into any sales role can be risky. That mainly comes down to the fact that your portfolio could be inspected in a more scrutinous manner. Say, for example, you want to apply for an apartment rental or a mortgage. Generally speaking, a lender will ask you how your income is earned.

If you do not have another steady source of income, your sales role may mitigate your chances of a successful application. It is always recommended to have multiple, reliable sources of income to mitigate your chances of rejection. Your income cap may be high, but it is still a big risk you are taking!

Con: Turnover

Unfortunately, commission-based sales roles are pretty black-and-white. You are either reaching your key performance indicators, or you are not. This leads to many turnovers, which, in turn, can make employment pretty hard to maintain.

Pro: Remote Work

In some cases, having a flexible schedule and working remotely could detract from a good performance. For those who prefer to work in teams directly, a commission-based sales role may not be what’s expected.

Pro: Selling Ability

To succeed in this type of job, you need to have two main qualities as a sales professional. First, you need to ensure you are disciplined. Otherwise, you may not meet your markers consistently.

Then, you need to ensure you practice your ability to sell a product. It is generally the most important strategy to have in your toolkit. However, with enough practice, you can excel at a job where many folks do not!